Instruments that supply seismic and strong motion data for scientists and engineers





At eentec
, we pride ourselves on providing superior service to our customers by supplying quality instruments that match their specific data needs.

From our innovative R-2 Rotational Sensor and EP-300 Broadband Seismometer to the Force Balanced Servo Accelerometers, Accelographs for strong motion studies, and High Resolution Land and Ocean Bottom (OBS) Seismographs, we supply seismic instruments that match your seismic data needs.

eentec Services using our patented broadband seismometers, provides unique and innovative information for oil exploration and production surveys.

For public viewing and visual monitoring, VLF/eentec provides a host of analog seismic instrument products from drum recorders to field telemetry stations. We also service most manufacturer's older models such as Sprengnether Instruments and Geotech including spare parts and supplies.

In addition, VLF/eentec offers a seismic switch and landslide detection system for earthquake alerting and shutdown of critical items.

eentec Surveillance offers portable triggered digital video surveillance for law enforcement applications with the pioneering DVSS-6 system.

We welcome you to peruse our products, and if you find you have a requirement for instrumentation that cannot be serviced by them, please contact us. Along with our partners we will leverage our many years of experience to provide an economical solution.


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