Rugged VHF/UHF Radio Receiver


Model AR-9


The VLF/eentec AR-9 is a reliable, rugged, low power, field telemetry receiver. The design features frequency synthesized operation over a 10Mhz range. Frequency band within a specific 10Mhz range must be specified at time of order. Minor frequency changes less than 100Khz, can be made by the user by changing dipswitch positions.

The AR-9 is completely compatible with Monitron radios and can be used as direct replacements in existing telemetry networks. In new networks, the unit receives data transmitted from the AT-9 field telemetry transmitter.

The unit is housed in an anodized aluminum case. It has a standard pin-out twist lock connector for power and audio input. The standard input connector is a “N” style with UHF or BNC optional. All connectors are wired to Monitron standard.

Options and accessories include VHF frequency band, rack mounting packaging, radio rack, lightning protection and Yagi antennas.

  • Low Power
  • Rugged
  • Reliable
  • 100% Monitron compatible

Type: Synthesized NBFM

Frequency Ranges:
(Specify at time of order)

400-410.235 A band
410-420.235 B band
420-430.235 C band
430-440.235 D band
440-450.235 E band
450-460.235 F band
460-470.235 G band
Minimum Channel Spacing: 5 Khz
Frequency Stability: 2ppm, -30C to +60C
Modulation Acceptance: ± 5 Khz
Input Impedance: 50 ohm
Sensitivity: 0.25uV (12 db SINAD)
Selectivity: -50 db at ±25 Khz
IF Filter: 10.7Mhz Ceramic, 455Khz Ceramic
HOW TO ORDER Frequency Response: 300 -3500Hz
Basic AR-9 Configuration The standard configuration is the specifications as stated, includes audio mating connector, calibration sheet and manual.

Specify at time of order

Lightning Protection Optional
( consult factory)
Other Network Instruments Central Site,
Power supplies
Solar Systems
(Consult factory for correct configuration)
General Spares None

S Printer Friendly Format For Specifications

Distortion: 1% or less, 0.6% typical
Output Impedance: 500 ohm
Output level: 5Vp-p Maximum
Operating Voltage: 12 V nominal, 11 to 14.5VDC
Operating Current: 45mA (depends on output level)
Dimensions: (inches) 7" x 4" x 2" (free standing), optional rack mount configuration
Case: Anodized aluminum
Operating Temperature Range: -30C to +60C
Operating Humidity: 0-95% RH (Non Condensing)
Controls: Squelch and Output level (pots)
Power and audio mating connector:

Pin A: Power,
Pin B Audio Output,
Pin C and D Ground

Antenna connection: Type "N" (others available)

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