Structural Health Monitoring Software

The Asclepios is a real-time structural health monitoring (SHM) system for detecting potential damage to the structures at the earliest possible stage.

Best performance is achieved working in real-time in conjunction with DR-5000 systems but the software can also be used to analyze off-line data.

Asclepios born from more than 30 years of engineering experience in the field.

Single user or network licenses are available.

Download demo in MP4 format

  • Easy to Use

  • Parameters provided:

    - Peak Ground Velocity (PGV)

    - Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA)

    - Peak Ground Displacement (PGD)

    - Arias Intensity (AI)

    - Significant Duration (SI)

  • Calculation of real time displacements and related inter-story drifts(IDR)

  • Warnings about potential damages to the structure
Why should I monitor the health status of my building?

eentec seismic

Download demo in MP4 format

A real-time system monitoring the vibrational characteristics of a structure allows to detect potential damage at the earliest possible stage, bringing considerably benefits and increasing the safety of the occupant.

The reliability of the results is ensured both by the ad hoc sensors disposition and the calibrated calculation model, in which all the very own structural features of the building are taken into account.


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