• Low Noise
• Low Profile
• Low Power
• Rugged

EA-126 Uniaxial Force Balanced Accelerometer

The EA-126 occupies the medium range of the Force Balance Accelerometer line. It offers low noise, high dynamic range, in a frequency band of DC to 50 Hz. The EA-126 employs an unique low profile package enabling it to be used in applications previously unable to use high resolution force balance accelerometers. The standard unit has a full scale g range of 0.1g to optimize the units sensitivity to small signals. The sensor element is housed in an epoxy sealed PVC case. It is extremely rugged, and designed for long term deployment in field environments. The EA-126 has a resolution 1,000 times larger than solid state type accelerometers and does not experience significant drifting with temperature changes. Options include a variety of full scale "g" levels, other frequency bands, horizontal configuration, and an aluminum housing.


Full Scale Range Standard ±0.1 g
Dynamic Range 120 dB
Frequency Band Standard
DC to 20 Hz ±1 dB
DC to 50 Hz +1, -3 dB
Output Signal Swing
±5 V
Resolution 5 micro-g per root Hz
Operation Temperature Standard -10° to 75° C
Power Supply ±12 VDC
Supply Current Maximum 25 ma max.
Vibration Survival 10 g RMS, 2 to 2,000 Hz
Shock Survival 1000 g, 1 ms 100 g, 11 ms
Humidity 95% R.H.
Housing Standard

Epoxy sealed PVC

Specifications subject to change.
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