G-10 Triaxial Rate Gyro


G-10 Triaxial Solid State Rate Gyro


Resolution @ 1 Hz.

1.7 x 10E-4 rad/sec
0.01 deg/sec

Full Scale Ranges
±0.87 to ±17.4 rad/sec
±50 to 1,000 deg/sec
±25 to ±500 V/deg/sec
Frequency Band
0.025 to 25 HZ, ±1dB
Output Signal
0.5V to 4.5V
Zero Bias
2.5V ±0.05V
Linear Acceleration Sensitivity
< 0.05 deg/sec/g
Power Supply

+12VDC to +24VDC

Supply Current (max)
60 mA. max
Operating Temperature
-15C to +75C
Vibration Survival
5 G RMS,2 to 2000Hz
Shock Survival
200G, 1ms
95% R.H.
Housing (std)

Base 1.05" x 1.25",
2.3" Tall
Field Enclosure
Specifications subject to change.

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