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Current Custom Jewelry

  • Custom diamond ring with a 1.02ct Princess Cut Diamond
    Price $4,125 (plus shipping and insurance)

    This is a custom jewelry design high-end quality diamond ring. Perfectly suitable as a very special gift or an engagement ring. I based the design on the eternity or infinity symbol (similar to a number 8 on its side). The eternity symbol is really a math symbol but has its origins in ancient Greece. The band starts out wide and as it wraps around, it gets thinner then wider finally ending thinner. The ends are accented with 4 small accent diamonds on each side (0.20ct total) that are slightly angled to reflect the flow of the band. I am including a Princess cut diamond. When viewed directly inside it looks like there is a star. The central Princess diamond is a beautiful sparkling 1.02ct that perfectly complements the custom design flow of the ring. Both ring and diamond are appraised at $5,375, which does not include any intangible value for the unique design.

  • Custom white and yellow gold pendant with 2.18ct Black Diamond. Price $2,970 (plus shipping and insurance)

    This very unique and custom design jewelry utilizes both white and yellow gold in a unique piece. It is comprised of various bent arrow (or horn) shapes common in many cultures and mystics symbolizing heath and prosperity. (origins are in ancient times, pre-biblical to American Indian and everything in between). The combination of both white and yellow gold is very unique and rare. The last pointed arrow follows the flow of the large gold chain to almost make it look as a complete line to the end. The yellow gold chain can be easily detached to use as a stand-alone necklace. The white gold is contrasted with the large 2.18ct black diamond. A perfect Yin and Yang (dark-light, male – female, or opposites). To add a little sparkle there are 4 white diamonds mounted above the black diamond, round fine cut of 0.12 ct. The gold chain is large and weighs 18 grams by itself.

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