Custom Designed Jewelry
specializing in diamonds and gold





All my pieces are appraised (for my insurance) by a certified gemologist using GIA standards. Appraisals are sent with all pieces. All prices are in USD.

The gemologist is a principal at one of the most prestigious high end jewelry locations in St. Louis. So the appraisals are very conservative and do not take into fact of the uniqueness of the pieces.




Welcome to my new page RJL Custom Fine Jewelry!!

After 30 years of using my talents in custom design and manufacturing of high end scientific instruments for research agencies and Government Agencies worldwide, I finally have some time to vent my creative talents to something that the "real" people might enjoy, custom fine jewelry.

That led to my latest endeavor, fine custom jewelry These pieces are not something you will find at your local retailing chain or "mall jeweler". These are truly unique pieces. Art if I might be so bold to say.

I draw many of my ideas for the custom jewelry from my worldwide travels over the years observe ring diverse cultures, and a continuing student of history.

I hand pick the diamonds that I use in the pieces (or precious stones) to match the flow and basic concept of the design. Each custom jewelry design piece is very unique, some may hate it others may love it. I guess it is up to the eye of the beholder how they view the various custom diamond rings, necklaces, etc that I come up with from time to time.

The gold I use is the best 14K gold sometimes I use white gold, other times yellow gold. If the design calls for it I may use both (hard but rare).

Only one custom piece is ever listed (diamond rings, necklaces, etc) and once sold, it will never be listed (or made) again. Depending on my mood I may have multiple custom jewelry pieces listed, or just one, or maybe none at all. So make sure you refresh your page each time you check so you are not viewing a stored page on your browser.

Click on the buttons on the left to view what I have available. The contact button will display my e-mail where I welcome any comment, requests, or questions.





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