High Performance Analog Telemetry Field Station
Model PTS-3bgX

The VLF PTS series of analog field telemetry system represents a flexible means for transmitting seismic signals through analog transmission (telephone or radio).

It is a full featured high performance system, that includes an amplifier, crystal stabilized VCO, multiplexer with signal conditioning (for single repeater applications), highly temperature stable regulated power supply, and temperature compensated battery charger with solar panel input.

The PTS series offers many features unavailable on other models. It has the highest dynamic range available for analog telemetry, featuring a standard bi-gain amplifier with integral anti-alias filtering and RF interference filtering. A crystal referenced phase locked VCO eliminates center frequency drift caused by temperature changes and component aging. It is very low power, easy to use, easy to field repair or upgrade. A rugged and well-shielded enclosure makes it perfectly suitable for portable and rapid deployment applications in addition to permanent monitoring. All internal modules are conservatively designed and include ample transient suppression and noise filtering.

Coupled with the low noise discriminators (model DSC-20) at the central site, this field system offers the user a simple, easy to maintain, cost effective transmission system. Other system components include external multi channel multiplexer (Model PTS-9MX), lightning suppression systems (Model LPS-x), external signal band pass, high pass, or low pass filters (Model TC-70X), central site digitizing and recording systems (Model PMD6102), and analysis software.

  • Low Power
  • Crystal Stabilized VCO
  • Phase Locked VCO
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Muliplexer Included
  • Solar Regulator
  • Rugged
  • Radio, Telephone, or Direct 2-wire
  • Reliable
  • No Frequency Drift Due To Temperature Change Or Component Aging
  • Rugged
  • Field Upgradeable and Repairable
Number of Input Channels: 1 through 3("x" indicates number of channels)
High Dynamic Range option 2 through 6 output channels (high/low gain)
Input configuration: Single-Ended (SE) or Differential (DIF)
Input voltage: 5.0 V
Output voltage: 5.0 V nominal, 5.5 V Maximum
Input impedance: 10K ohm differential or 100K ohm single ended
Input noise 0.25 V rms, 0.6 V p-p Maximum
(.05 to 25 Hz Bandwidth)
1st Stage Gain: Single Ended: 0 to 48 dB in 6 dB steps,
switch selectable
Differential: 24 to 48 dB in 6 dB steps,
switch selectable
High-Low Gain Output Separations: 0, 24, 30, 36, or 42 dB, switch selectable
Maximum Gain: 90 dB
Minimum Gain: Single Ended: 0 dB, Differential: 24 dB
Gain accuracy: 0.35dB
High pass filter: 2 pole, .05 Hz/pole (20 seconds), fixed, other values available by special order
Low pass filter: Standard 25Hz, 6.25, 12.5, and 50 Hz with other values available by special order.
Low pass filter type: 5 pole Butterworth, other responses available by special order
RF suppression: 2 poles 1.5 KHz
Transient suppression: 1 stage
Input voltage Maximum: 10 Vp-p (5V)
Supply current at 12.8 VDC 1.2 mA per amplifier board
Adjustments: High and low gain dip switches
VCO Type: Crystal stabilized phase locked
Input modulation voltage: 5.00 VDC for 125 Hz
Deviation: 125 Hz (other deviations available)
Linearity: 1% or better
Center frequencies: 341.33 Hz spacing, 682.3 Hz to 3072 Hz, (higher frequencies available)
Center frequency stability: 1Hz over full temperature range
Residual FM: 0.05 Hz
Dynamic range: Single: 66 dB Maximum
Bi-gain: 108dB Maximum
Output amplitude: 0 to 3.5 Vp-p adjustable
Output waveform: Digitally generated sine wave
Output Harmonic distortion: 0.1% or less
Output Residual AM : 1% or less
Supply current at 12.8VDC: 2-3 mA (frequency dependent)
Adjustments: Lock range, Deviation, Output amplitude
Calibration type: Pulse current
Recurrence rate: 12 or 24 Hr switch selectable
HOW TO ORDER Recurrence rate accuracy: 15 seconds/day
Basic PTS-3-1 Configuration The standard configuration includes 1channel with internal multiplexer, and solar regulator, mating connectors and manual.
Channel Configuration

option -2 (2 channels) or -3 (3 channels)

Bi-gain Option option -bg2 (1 channel), -bg4 (2 channels), or bg-6 (3 channels)
Standard Low Pass Filters -xxLP (where xx indicates frequency)
Standard VCO Center Frequency -xxxxCF (where xxxx indicates frequency)
Optional High Pass Filters option -xxHP (where xx indicates frequency)
Optionall VCO Deviations option -xxxDV (where xxx indicates frequency)
External Input Filtering option TC-70-BP, -xxxLP, or -xxxHP
External Input Amplification option TC-80 -AT, or -AG
Sensor Options

EP-105 Broadband,
SP-400 Medium Period Seismometer,
R-1 Rotational Seismometer
EV-12 Force Balanced Velocity/Accelerometer
EA-120 Force Balanced Accelerometer

Receiving Components

TC-20DS Discriminator
Card Rack Enclosure
Field Case Enclosure

Recorder Options DAS-6102 Field Recorder
DAS-6102-PC Desktop Recorder
Lightning Protection LPS-xx (depends on what is being protected, consult factory)

Solar Systems
(Consult factory for correct configuration)

Supplies and Accessories External Battery Pack
General Spares Spare boards (specify)
Battery (specify capacity)

S Printer Friendly Format For Specifications

Output pulse width: 10 seconds
Output current: From 0.5 to 31.5 mA, switch selectable in 0.5 mA increments
Supply current at 12.8 VDC: 0.3mA quiescent, 32mA max during calibration
Output Voltage: 12V maximum
Transient Suppression: 1 stage output
Adjustments: Recurrence rate, cal current, clock reset
MULTIPLEXER (included on TC-60PS)
Type (standard):

Local channels plus external receiver/telephone signal
External PTS-9MX up to 8 channels
Output voltage: 15 Vp-p maximum
Output Impedance: 600 ohm
Output coupling: Transformer (user defined ground)
Harmonic Distortion: 0.1% or better
External Receiver coupling: Tansformer (user defined ground)
Receiver Input voltage: 10 Vp-p Maximum
Receiver input impedance: 600 ohm
Multiplexer gain: Adjustable 0 to 5
Transient suppression: 2 stage
Supply current at 12.8VDC: 1.5 mA.
Adjustments: Output level
Multiplexer External Input Signal Conditioning (Optional TC-70-x & TC-80)
Filter Types Bandpass, low pass, high pass.
Line Amplifiers: Passive attenuator, or adjustable gain to a maximum 10 (20 dB)
Solar regulator and battery low voltage disconnect (Model SR-10)
Type: Temperature compensated for 12V lead acid battery.
Maximum input voltage: 22 VDC
Maximum input current: 7A (replaceable fuse)
Solar panel blocking diode High efficiency Schottky
Output voltage: 13.5 VDC at 70F
Temperature compensation: -18mV per C
Output voltage adjustment range: 13 VDC to 14 VDC
Maximum charge voltage: 14.75 VDC
Input output differential at 7A: 1.1V max
Transient protection: 1 stage
Charge indicator: Yellow LED, Lit above 14.5 VDC
Low Voltage disconnect: Removes power from telemetry box and external connected loads
Cutout Voltage: 11.5 VDC, adjustable from 11.3 to 12.3 VDC
Switch Hysteresis: +0.5VDC above cutout voltage
Maximum output current: 1A (replaceable fuse)
Switch voltage drop at 1A: 80mV
Power good indicator: Green LED
Supply current: 3.5 mA
Adjustments: Charge Voltage, Low voltage disconnect
Regulated Internal Power Supply (Model TC-60PS)
Input voltage range: 11 to 15 VDC
Output voltage: 6.500 VDC, 20 mA max
Output voltage stability: 5 mV over full temperature range
Supply current at 12.8 VDC: 5mA
Adjustments: Positive and negative output voltage.
Reference oscillator (included on TC-60PS)
Oscillator type: Miniature Quartz tuning fork crystal
Reference frequency stability: 0.25 Hz over full temperature range
Output voltage: 13 Vp-p
Supply current at 12.8VDC: 1.5 mA
System specifications (Model PTS-3-1 thru -3)
Dimensions: 9" W x 9"D x 4.5" H
Box style: NEMA 4X die cast painted aluminum
Supply Current for G1 system 16 mA nominal
Sensor input mating connector: PT06A-12-10S
Solar panel input: 2-way banana style binding post
Battery Input: 2-way banana style binding post
Receiver Input mating connector: PT06A-8-4S
Transmitter Output mating connector: PT06A-8-4P
Operating Temp: -30C to +65C
Operating Humidity: 0-100% RH

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