High Resolution Rotational Seismometer

Model R-1
r1 seismometer

The R-1 is the newest in a line of sensors using state-of-the-art electro chemical MET technology.

The R-1 triaxial rotational sensor features the highest sensitivity/resolution available in a rotational transducer, over a wide frequency band with no parasitic resonances. It directly measures rotational data and is insensitive to linear motion.

The R-1 rotational sesimometer is distinct from other recently developed unproven sensors on the market that it is field proven and successfully deployed in the field for many years.

The rugged aluminum construction is designed for the most demanding environments, complying with Nema 4, 4x and 12; JIC-EGP-1-1967; and IEC 529, IP66 standards.

Unlike solid-state type devices it is extremely sensitive with an low noise floor and has very low susceptibility to temperature changes, offering a standard operating range of -15C to +55C.

Options include an additional three axis of linear force balanced accelerometers providing six outputs for all components of motion (6DOF).

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  • Directly Measures Rotation
  • Insensitive To Translational Motion
  • High Sensitivity
  • Wide Frequency Band
  • Low Power
  • Rugged
  • Maintenance Free
Operating principle: Electrochemical motion transducer
Resolution @ 1 Hz 1.2xE-7 rad/sec
Dynamic Range 110 dB
Self Noise Level < 1 microradian/sec RMS over the bandwidth of 0.05Hz to 20Hz
0.05 to 20 Hz ±3 dB
0.03 to 50 Hz ±3 dB
Output Signal Swing ±5V or ±2.5V
Clip Level @ 1 Hz 01.0 rad/sec
Translational Sensitivity None
Parasitic Resonances None
Crossaxis Sensitivity nil
Basic R-1 Configuration The standard configuration includes mating connector and calibration sheets
200V/rad/sec Sensitivity

option -S20

Extended Frequency option -F03
Full Scale Output specify
Recorder Options SMR-4000
Supplies and Accessories Sensor Cable
General Spares None

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Waterproof: NEMA Rating 4, 4x, IP65
Operation Temperature -15C to +55C
optional -45C to +55C.
Temperature Scale Factor <0.03%/°C (dev from 20°C)
Shock Survival 200g
Humidity 95% R.H. (opt. SS 100%R.H.)
Housing Standard 4.7" x 4.7" x 3.5"
Weight (Al housing) 2 lb appx
Connector 10-pin circular
Power - Standard 9 to 14 VDC
Supply current 20 ma


r1 seismometer noise

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