Accoustic Pressure Sensor
Model SA-4


The SA-4 Low Power Acoustic Pressure Sensor is a perfect sensor for complimenting the monitoring for seismic systems. Especially designed for Volcanic Monitoring, the SA-4 monitors low frequency sound waves and can be used for many other seismic applications.

It is a perfect companion with eentec’s SP or EP line of seismometers and the R-1 rotational seismometer.

The SA-4 Acoustic Pressure Sensor monitors the sound band flat from 1Hz to 700Hz. It comes standard with four inlets. The unit is fully calibrated, with a dynamic range of 125dB, a sensitivity of 4mV/Pa, and a full scale of +/-100Pa. The full-scale output is +/-5V. It operates off of 12VDC, normally supplied by the recorder or telemetry station.

The SA-4 is very rugged. Housed in a PVC enclosure it is waterproof, corrosion proof, and operates over a wide temperature range.

It is easy to install and requires no specialized procedures. The unit comes standard with a 3m cable with flying leads to connect to the recorders sensor input.

Options available are a higher frequency response to 10,000Hz , or a lower option to 4 seconds, a higher full scale output to +/-10V, and additional input ports.

  • Frequency 1 Hz to 700 Hz
  • Low Power
  • High Sensitivity
  • 125dB Dynamic Range
  • Rugged
  • Maintenance Free
  • Waterproof
  • Flat Frequency Response

Type Pressure prepolarized condenser microphone
Sensitivity 50mV/Pa
Frequency 1Hz to 700Hz +/-3db. (lower and higher frequencies available)
Self noise 50 microP RMS
Dynamic range 125dB
Output Impedance 50 ohms
Full scale output +/5V (optional +/-10V)
Clip level +/- 100Pa
Input ports 4 standard (others optional)
Humidity 100% non condensing
Temperature range: -30 deg C to + 70C
How To Order
BasicSA-4 Configuration The standard configuration includes 3m cable with flying leads
Inlets option -xxIN
(x specifies inlets)
Frequency option -xxxF
(x specifiies frequesncy)
Recorder Options DR-4050


S Printer Friendly Format For Specifications

Case type PVC, NEMA 4x
Case bottom diameter 7.5 inches OD (with input port)
Case height: 12 inches (with cord seal)
Weight 4lbs
Cord Grip Cord grip with 3m cable (flying leads)
Operating voltage +12V (nominal)
Current 35ma



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