Engineering Waveform Analysis and Plotting Software

The DADISP Model SM-2002 is a flexible and very powerful analysis software package. It includes a variety of waveform analysis, plotting and display options.

It is user friendly and has the same feel as a standard spreadsheet program. Many functions are performed by one click.

The software directly reads waveform data files in CSS (uncompressed) data format.

Single user or network licenses are available.

  • Easy to Use

  • Various plotting and dispaly options

  • User programable

  • Network Capable

  • Share data with Excel

  • Open multiple worksheet windows

  • Many operations performed with one click

  • Add on modules available

Application Specific Analysis
Amplitude Spectrum Power Spectrum Moving Average Vector Sum RMS Max and Min FFT Phase
Data Reduction
Exact Region Cut Region Concatenate Series Merge, Unmerge, Replicate Series, and Reverse
Many more features
Moving Average, Moving Average 2 Moving Minimum, Moving Maximum Moving RMS, Moving Standard Dev. Amplitude Distribution
Many more features
FFT, DFT, FFT Shift Spectrum and Specgram PSD Inverse FFT, Inverse DFT
Signal Processing
Filter Equation Evaluation Single Pole High Pass Filter Single Pole Low Pass Filter
Many more features
Peaks and Valleys
Display Minimums and Maximums Find Min and Max Find First, Next, and Prev. Peak Get Peak Values Find First, Next, and Prev Valleys Get Valley Values
Many More Features Including
Download Free 30-day trial package!! Image Processing-Nonlinear, Histogram, Sobel, 2D-FFT, IFFT, DCT, IDCT Matrix Math and Data Reordering Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions Correlation and Convolution Functions Error, Bessel, and Gamma Functions Complex Conversion Function

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