22-bit Strong Motion Accelerograph
Model SMR-6102-4A

The PMD/eentec SMR-6102-4A is a portable, rugged, a low power, high-performance, versatile 22-bit resolution strong motion recording system

The standard 4-channel (optional 8-channel) unit contains an internal triaxial 2g EA-120 low noise force balance accelerometer package. An ultra low noise accelerometer package (Model EA-140) and/or a rotational seismometer (Model R-1) are available options.

The hinged front panel allows for easy adjusting and leveling of the accelerometer package after the unit is installed. If required, an accelerometer adjustment board option can be included to further fine-tune the accelerometer's zero bias.

A 128Mb compact flash card for data storage is standard. A 4Gb to 40Gb removable hard disk is optional. Data is retrieved by removal of the PC compatible compact flash card, or through dial up telephone access (internal modem optional), or via LAN (Ethernet card optional).

The SMR-6102-4A includes GPS receiver and antenna and "Smart Timing" software, allowing the user to select the timing accuracy, which will automatically control the GPS cycling. The integrated display and keyboard allows for easy setup in the field and real time viewing of up to 3 waveforms. For large permanent installations, the DAS line includes multi-channel systems up to 32 channels (Model DAS-6102-X)

  • 22-bit high resolution
  • 115dB dynamic range
  • operates in both trigger and continuous mode
  • Multiple trigger passband pre-filters
  • High accuracy GPS timing
  • Large PC compatible compact flash card
  • Integrated display
  • Integrated keypad
  • Real time waveform display
  • 4 to 8 channels
  • Analog and digital alias filtering
Type: Differential or Single-Ended
Data Channels: 3 + 1; optional up to 8 channels. Fourth channel is used as state-of-health channel. or external sensor
State-of-Health 4th Channel: Standard: 22-bit resolution, optional external connector
Gain: Software programmable: 1,2,4,8
Single Ended Input Range, Software programmable: 2.5 Optional Differential Input
Dynamic Range: >115 dB @ 100 sps , 120 dB @ 40 sps
(rms to full scale)
Analog Anti-Aliasing Filter: >90 dB @ primary sampling rate
Input Impedance Data inputs: 2.5V - 1Mohm
Overvoltage Protection 40 V
Type: 22-bit delta-sigma converter in each channel (570 kHz)
Sampling Rates: 1, 10, 20, 40, 80, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 sps
Digital Filter Built-in DSP-based digital filter
Phase Linear within the passband
Type: True Real Time PLL controlled, GPS-referenced
Maximum Accuracy : <1msec, (Software Selectable)
HOW TO ORDER Crystal Oscillator Standard: 25ppm; Optional TCXO 1 ppm/year
Basic SMR-6102-4A Configuration The standard configuration includes 3 channels with internal 1 (mux) channel for state of health monitoring/recording, 128Mb compact flash card, internal EA-120 2 g accelerometers, single ended sensor, 4Mb internal RAM buffer, and GPS antenna/receiver.
8 Channel Configuration option -8CH
4th Channel External Connector (Aux) option -AX
Differential Sensor Input Configuration option -DI
Full VGA Display option -FD
Full PC Keyboard (miniature) option -KB
Microsoft Windows O/S option -MSW (requires option -FD and -KB)
Removable 12Gb, 20Gb, or 30Gb Drives option -xxGb (specify capacity, must turn power off to remove)
Internal Modem option -56IM
LAN option option -LAN
Sensor Options R-1 Rotational Seismometer (requires 8 channel option -8CH)
Supplies and Accessories External Battery pack w/ charger (specify voltage)
USB compact flash frame (laptop or PC)
Compact Flash Disk (specify capacity)
General Spares GPS antenna/receiver
Set of spare boards
Battery (specify capacity)

S Printer Friendly Format For Specifications

GPS Duty Cycle : Once every 18 hrs to achieve <1msec accuracy, (Software Selectable)
Type: STA/LTA, Level, up to 5 independent detectors in frequency domain
Trigger Pre-filter Up to 5 trigger passbands
Pre-event data buffer Up to 90 seconds (@100 sps)
Post-event buffer User configured - no limitations
Trigger channels May be controlled by one, several or all 5 detectors associated with any physical or virtual acquisition channel
Calibration 5V square wave (others optional)
Calibration Duration User selectable
Voltage: 7 - 16 Vdc
Overvoltage protection: 60 V
Power consumption 4 ch ~5W, 100sps, (Display off, PC and GPS cycled)
Display Type: Backlit 320x200 graphic LCD display, opt. TFT color 640x480 (1/4) VGA
Keypad: 12 (numerical + function) keys
Full PC keyboard Optional (external)
User Control: Menu-driven; state-of-health messaging
Data display: Up to 3 channels waveform simultaneously in real time
Remote PC: RS232 com2 port
Flash Disk 128Mb compact flash card or optional hard disk (4 Gb or above)
Disk/File Compatibility: Any PC
Temperature Range: -10 to +50C (built-in automatic heater for optional hard disk)
Data Formats: Mini-SEED w/Steim-2 compression up to x6 CSS 3.0: long integer; separate data description in ASCII
Dial-up Telephone Line Access RS232 com2 port; optional internal modem; Automatic PC dial up communication software included
Ethernet Optional LAN card
Housing Painted Steel, optional stainless steel
Waterproofing Submersible to 1m depth
Operating Temperature -10 to +50C
Humidity 100% RH
Size L12"xW10"xD6"
Weight 9.5lb typ (4 ch w/ sensor)
Power 2-pin Circular (MS)
LAN or serial port 10-pin Circular (MS), or DB9
GPS 6-pin Circular (MS)
To PC Keyboard PS/2 Mini-DIN
To external PC RS232 (DB9)
EA-140 (optional)
Full Scale Ranges:
+/- 2 g standard, 0.5 g, 5 g or adjustable optional

Full Scale Output Voltage:
+/- 10V for + 12 V input standard, +/- 2V opt
Natural Frequency:
50 Hz minimum
Noise per Root Hz: <1 V 0.4 V
Dynamic Range: 135 dB @ +/- 10V 148 dB @ + 10V
Resolution at + 10 V Output: 0.4 g @ 1g
0.8 g @ 2g
0.1g @ 1g
0.2 g @ 2g
Broadband RMS Noise: 25 V, DC to 50 Hz 5 V, DC to 50 Hz
Broadband Dynamic Range: 110 dB @ +/- 10V 145 dB @ + 10V
Zero G Bias:
+/- 0.01g (optional adjustable)
+/- 1% over temperature range
Cross Axis Sensitivity:
0.02 g/g (0.005 g/g option )
Frequency Response +/- 3 dB:
DC to 50 Hz standard
(25Hz, 100Hz and 200Hz optional)
Nominally 70% critical
Zero Output Temp Effect:
Less than 5 mg over range (others optional)
Scale Factor Temp. Effect: 0.05% / deg C 0.02% / deg C
Self Test
Voltage applied on self test input produces predictable output
Level Adjustment
Accelerometers mounted on an internal, easy to access plate for leveling after installation
Zero Bias Adjustment
Optional electronic module for user adjustable zero bias
Full Scale Adjustment
Optional electronic module for selecting full scale range (0.25g to 2g)
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