Seismic Switch
Model SS-3

The SS-3 Seismic Switch is a low cost alternative to other monitoring systems. The unit is triggered upon a strong seismic motion and used to shutdown sensitive equipment, elevators, open automatic doors, or sound an alarm. Anything that can be controlled by relays.

The standard unit includes an internal triaxial +/-2g accelerometer. It has an internal trigger bandpass filter and will only trigger on accelerations with frequency components between 0.5Hz and 15Hz.

The user can easily select, without programming, 6 standard acceleration thresholds that will trigger the unit. Standard trigger thresholds are from 0.01g through 0.5g in various steps.

When the user selected acceleration threshold is exceeded, the unit closes its internal relays. The relays will remain in the triggered condition as long as the acceleration remains above the selected threshold. After the acceleration drops below the selected threshold the relays will automatically reset after a user defined delay time. The user may select the option to latch the relay requiring a manual reset of the unit.

An optional bar graph display can either display the maximum acceleration peak of the event on the channel that recorded the largest peak, or a three bar graph display that displays peak accelerations for all three channels.

The SS-3 is housed in a NEMA 4x environmental case with military style connector. It has an LED on the front panel to indicate trigger status. The unit is very easy to install and requires no maintenance. It is shipped fully calibrated with instructions on field installation and calibration.

Options include custom trigger levels, variable trigger adjust, horizontal or three component internal accelerometers, and external 12V battery pack, waveform data logger, and rotational sensor (R-1).

  • Shutdown critical machines during a strong earthquake
  • Sound alarms
  • Two relay outputs
  • User selectable trigeer levels
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Low power, Rugged
Accelerometer: Internal Triaxial EA-90
Full Scale: ±2g
Dynamic Range @ 1Hz: 90 dB
Frequency Band: DC to 50 Hz
Resolution: > 100 micro-g per root Hz
Relays: 2 form C (DPDT)
Contact Rating: 120VAC 5A max
Relay Output Duration: 3-20 Sec (adjustable) or latched
Selectable Trigger Levels: 0.01, 0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5 g, others optional
Accuracy: 5%
Trigger Bandwidth: 0.5hz to 15Hz
Basic SS-3 Configuration The standard configuration includes triaxial and dual relaysl.
Optional Trigger Levels

option -L specify in fractional g

Optional Relays option -Rx (where x indicates number of relays)
Optional Sensor Output or Logger -ES external sensor output
-W waveform logger
Optional External Battery Pack -BPxx (where xx indicates AHr)
Standard 12.5 AHr
Optional Peak Acceleration Display

option -M (maxium peak for any channel
option -3M (display peak for all 3 channels)

Optional Case -SS stainless steel

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Operating Voltage: 11 – 14 VDC (external)
Current: 60mA max (triggered)
Adjustments: Accelerometer null
Accelerometer span
Relay time delay
Indicators: Trigger (LED)
Optional Peak Acceleration Bar graph (for either peak on any channel or 3 bar graphs for each channel)
Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 2.5 inches
Type: NEMA 4x, painted diecast aluminum
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C
Environmental: Waterproof, dustproof, NEMA 4x, IP65
Vibration survival: 5 g peak, 20 to 2,000 Hz
Shock survival: 1000 g, 1 ms 100 g, 11 ms
Humidity: 0-100% RH, non condensing (in field case)
See "How To Order": Custom trigger thresholds
Additional relays
Sensor output connector
External battery pack
Waveform data logger
Channels 3 internal waveform and 1 trigger
Resolution 12 bits
Internal Data Capacity 256Kb
Maximum Sample Rate 1,900 sps
Communications to PC USB
Software PC parameter setup and DaqLab for Windows waveform display and analysis software

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