Portable Digital Video Surveillance System

Model DVSS-6



The DVSS-6 is eentec Surveillance’s third generation controller module utilizing current state-of-the-art technology with field proven design concepts. It has been adapted to control up to 6 wireless cameras and monitor up to 7 vibration sensors.

The DVSS-6 Digital Video Surveillance System is a low power, portable, modular system consisting of a controller unit, vibration sensors, power source, and wireless cameras. The controller unit consists of a state-of-the-art microcontroller that acts as the “brains” of the system. It manages the menu driven user interface, signal conditioning and amplification, triggering of the system, power management, control of the DVR module, and wireless camera transmitter and receiver modules. The entire controller unit is housed in an environmentally sealed rugged lightweight engineered plastic case intended for burial. An external battery or batteries power the controller unit, allowing the flexibility of desired operational duration in the field.

The signals from the vibration sensors are band (frequency) limited from 20Hz to 50Hz. These are the frequencies of interest generated by a subject moving within the target area. Lower or higher frequencies will not trigger the system thereby limiting the possibility of false triggers generated by background noise.

The wireless cameras are in a cylindrical PVC housing with sun visor. They are powered by their own power supply via a small wire running to the battery or batteries that are buried. It has no connection to the recorder, so the recorder location cannot be determined in case of camera detection.

The system is designed to add future options such as remote alerting via cell or radiophone and digital sound recording.

Fast Deployment Portable Surveillance System

Easy To Operate

6 Wireless Video Camera

Up to 7 Vibration Sensors

User Selectable Camera Activations of Target

Activation System Log File (Flash) And Digital Pictures (MMC)

Processor Type Low power microcontroller
Clock frequency 16 MHz
Storage Media Compact flash card
Storage Capacity 64 – 128 Mb
Log File Format ASCII text file
Timing Internal clock
Storage Media Multi Media memory Card (MMC)
Storage Capacity 256 MB – 512 MB
File Format JPEG (.jpg)
Number of Channels 6
User Interface Six independent channel buttons, lit when active
Maximum Distance From Cameras 150 feet line-of-sight
Log File Storage

64 Mb

DVR Storage (pictures) 256 Mb
Cameras 6
Vibration Sensors 2
Controller External Battery Charger 1
Camera External Battery Charger 1
Camera External Batteries 6
Contoller External Battery 1
USB Multi Card Reader 1
Options And Spares
Additional Vibration Sensors Specify up to 7 total
Additional Log File Media Specify 64Mb or 128Mb
Additional DVR Media Specify 256Mb or 512Mb
Vibration Sensor Extension Cable Specify length in feet
Camera Battery extension cable Specify length in feet
Additional Camera Batteries Specify quantity
Handheld TV Monitor For Targeting Includes adapter cable
Additional Camera Battery Charger Includes cable
Additional USB Multi Card Reader Includes RCA cable adapter
Additional Controller Battery Charger Includes cable










Printer Friendly Format For Specifications

Number of Channels 6
Type CMOS image sensor
Transmitting Frequency 1.2 GHz
Illumination Sensitivity 1 LUX
Maximum Distance for Clear Picture 150 feet line-of-sight
View Field Angle 2” – 25’
Housing PVC with sun visor
Dimensions L 5” X D 2”
Housing Color Green standard, others optional
Mounting Aluminum frame attached by remov-able wing nuts
Power supply voltage 9 V nominal
Power Consumption 1.5 mA (standby), 125 mA (active)
Power Cable Length 15 feet (standard)
Power Cable Connection Hard wired on camera end, polarized locking connectors on battery end
Number of Units 6 (standard)
Voltage 12 V nominal
Over and Reverse Voltage Protection Fuse
Fuse Rating 1 Amp
Power Consumption 60 mA (standby), 550 mA (acti-vated)
Power Cable 4 feet (standard)
Power management Automatic system shut down at 7 volts. DVR stops recording below 8.6V
Display Type 4 line LCD
Buttons 3, menu, right and left arrows
Switches 2, power and system switch
LED lights 5, trigger, camera on/off, DVR on, status
Dimensions: 12.5 X 10.5 X 4.5 inches
Weight: 7 lb
Environmental 32 – 125°F
Housing Lightweight engineered plastic. Weatherproof
Natural Frequency 30Hz
Band Limited Frequency 20Hz to 50Hz



Housing Aluminum
Dimensions Body: 3” X 2” X 1”, spike 3”
Weight 3 oz.
  Sensor Cable Length 20 feet (longer length optional)
Number of Sensors: 3 (standard), up to 7 (optional)
Wakeup Time After Trigger 4 seconds
Minimum Frames Per trigger event 17
Maximum Frames Per trigger event 100
Minimum Time To Take a Frame 0.5 second
Maximum Time Between Frames 300 second
Maximum Number Of Frames Per Camera Battery Charge 10,200
Maximum Number of Frames (256 MB MMC Card) 24,000
Camera Scan Rate Per Camera 1 – 10 seconds
Minimum Event Record Time 10 seconds
Minimum Wait Time After Trigger 10 seconds
Trigger Modes 2
Trigger Threshold 1 – 20
System Enable/Disable Time 0 – 24 hours
  LCD backlight On / Off


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