Model DR4050

The eentec DR4050 is a rugged, ultra low power, high-performance, versatile 24-bit and 21-bit resolution seismic recorder. It is designed for the most demanding requirements in high performance seismic or strong motion research. Generally for structural monitoring and other seismic applications, only the 21-bit (low resolution 24-bit ADC) is required. The standard unit has an external sensor input.

This state-of-the art seismic standard recorder features an external sensor input. Options include an internal accelerometer, a higher dynamic range internal accelerometer with 24-bit resolution or an external 24-bit triaxial sensor input with or without an internal standard accelerometer. Each channel has a high resolution ADC that ensures no channel to channel skew in any configuration, and a very low-power, high-performance DSP that controls the data acquisition, real-time digitization and filtration. The standard unit is suitable for building and structural monitoring (optional internal high-resolution accelerometer available). The external 3-channel sensor input can be ordered with the internal accelerometer and be used with a broadband seismometer (EP or SP series), rotational seismometer (R-1), or additional accelerometers

The powerful, full-featured single-board system is easy to use, install, and maintain. It is lightweight and robust for field deployment. It includes software for waveform analysis and manipulation.

Its full-featured communication capabilities such as VSAT, ADSL, and some radios allows easy configuration for telemetry networks. GSM, GPRS, CDMA, and PSTN communications are also supported. The included GPS can act as a network time server for synchronizing other NTPv4 enabled timing critical systems.

Other options include a LCD display, modem, and external battery pack with charger.


  • 24-bit high resolution
  • 135dB dynamic range or 118dB
  • operates in trigger or continuous mode
  • Excellent communication features
  • Multiple trigger passband pre-filters
  • High accuracy GPS timing
  • Large capacity PC compatible removable flash disk
  • Optional Integrated display
  • 3 external channels, optional internal accelerometers
  • Digital alias filtering
Type: Differential (external or internal option), Single ended internal accelerometer optional
Data Channels: 3 external, optional additional internal accelerometers
Resolution: 24-bit resolution with high resolution ADC, std 21-bit with low resolution ADC (simultaneously depending on configuration)
Gain: Software programmable: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 16, 24, 32
Single Ended Input Range, opt. Differential Input 20 V
Dynamic Range: (rms to peak): 135 dB @ 50 sps high resolution ADC
121 dB @ 50 sps low resolution ADC
Overvoltage Protection: 500W per 10/10000us, steady state power dissipation 5W,surge current up to 40A.
Input Impedance Data inputs 1MOhm
Type: 24-bit delta-sigma converter on each channel
Sampling Rates: 16, 20, 40, 50, 80, 100, 200 sps
Digital Filter

130 dB @ 200 sps, the low and high pass filtering with IIR, Sinc, or FIR (std) digital filters.
130 dB @ 200 sps FIR
Phase Linear within the passband
Processor ARM processor with 8/16 Mb Ram available
Channel to Channel Skew None
Type: GPS
Maximum Accuracy : 10 micro seconds
HOW TO ORDER Crystal Oscillator TCXO 1 ppm/year
Basic DR-4050Configuration The standard configuration includes 3external channels, low resolution 24-bit ADC, 1Gb Flash card, GPS antenna/receiver, Lan cable for laptop, and analysis software.
Optional internal accelerometer

option -HAC (high resolution
option -LAC (low resolution)

High resolution 24-bit ADC

option -HR

LCD Display option -LCD
Removable flash card option -xxGb (specify capacity )
Sensor Options EP-300 Broadband,
EP-105 Broadband,
SP-400 Medium Period Seismometer,
R-1 Rotational Seismometer
Supplies and Accessories External Battery pack w/ charger (specify voltage)
General Spares GPS antenna/receiver
Set of spare boards
Battery (specify capacity)

S Printer Friendly Format For Specifications

Crystal Frequency Correction Resolution 0.016 ppm
GPS Receiver (integral with antenna): Miniature; external; connects via a std 5m cable
Internal Battery Backup Clock -100 to 10 ppm
Type: STA/LTA, Level , phase picking
Recording Triggered or continuous
Pre-event/ Post-even shared buffer 1,000 seconds split anyway between pre-even and post-event
Calibration Internal 5V voltage step, external sensor option sine wave
Calibration Duration User selectable
Voltage: 9 – 15 Vdc
Overvoltage Protection 15V transzorb for spikes and reverse polarity, 1.8A automatic resettable polyfuse for longer term high voltage
Power Consumption 80mA at 12V
Display Type: LED std, optional LCD
User Control: Menu-driven; state-of-health messaging
Optional VGA data display: Up to 3 channels simultaneously in real time, settings, and SOH
Setup RJ45 plug on the plug panel to connect computer (via x-over cable to PC laptop ) or to an Ethernet network
Main GUI Any common web browser (MS Explorer, Firefox, Safarai)
Console Any common VT100 emulator (Hyper Terminal)
Data Transfer (remote) Any common FTP client
Data Retrieval (local) Copying removable flash card to PC using a USB reader, or via FTP
Compact flash memory card Removable 1Gb Flash standard, optional 3Gb
Disk/File Compatibility: Any PC
Data Formats: PC-SUDS
Interface Via web browser or Telenet over Ethernet or PPP
Compatibility VSAT links, GSM and CDMA modems, spread spectrum radios links, and others
Data Transfer Using HTTP or FTP
Housing Reinforced Plastic
Waterproofing IP67
Operating Temperature -20 to +60°C
Humidity 100% RH
Size 260 x 230 x 130mm
Weight 2Kg
Power 2-pin Circular (bayonet)
Optional External Sensor 16pin Circular (bayonet)
Ethernet RJ-45 10/100Mbit port for connection to PC, LAN, VSAT, Ethernet radio, etc.
Serial Port DB-25 RS-232 Port for GSM and CDMA modems
Telephone RJ-11 for V.92 modem to telephone
GPS 6-pin Circular (bayonet), 5m cable, extensions optional
Terminal Interface DB-9 terminal interface mainly for factory use and diagnostics
eqWave Waveform analysis and manipulation. Operates under Windows, Unix, Linux, and MacOS
Functions Reads and displays data files, zooming and scaling, bandpass filtering (3 custom bands for quick filtering), and arrival picking.

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